Just thought you’d like to know…

Just thought you’d like to know that I’m thinking about shaving my head. The Headblade looks useful. Spring is here.

IsGay.com: Funniest hatemail I have read in a long time.

TV’s influence shows in high school life

A short description of a Distributed Application Framework.

The GUI Toolkit and Framework Page. Awesome comparison matrix.

W3C: Meta Content Framework Using XML

I’ve decided to wait a while before installing OS X as my main operating system. I fear that my productivity will nosedive due to the lack of native tools for OS X that I rely on regularly. This means that I’ll be dropping OS X on my spare G3 as soon as I find some time to play around with it. Unfortunately, this may be a while as I’ve been pretty busy lately.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has stopped visiting sites that redirect users to the WaSP Browser Upgrade page. Especially for sites that are information-oriented, it simply doesn’t make sense to penalize users who are using legacy browsers. If you’re doing this, it’s your loss. I’ll just get my information and news elsewhere.

A BBEdit user’s guide to choosing a Unix text editor. Very nice. [via Genehack]

Learning Unix and Choosing a Text Editor.

A friend pointed me to HabboHotel the other day. I was completely impressed by the iconic design of the site, but refused to try and load the Shockwave-based tool over my slow modem connection. But, what’s even cooler than the design is the back-end of the site, which dynamically drives the Shockwave files with a “public source” Java-server with MySQL support called Fuselight. I wonder if Macromedia knows about this? I wonder if Macromedia knows that this kicks the pants off their expensive Macromedia Generator for Flash? Better yet, what is Macromedia going to do if Fuselight is extended to support SVG?

Spam: I’m starting to think about adding a filter to my email that treats all HTML-based email as spam. About 99% of the spam I’ve received in the past six months has been HTML-based. I’ll bet my spam count drops to near zero if I do this.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 27, 2001 11:01 PM

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