Apologies to those who …

Apologies to those who have emailed me and are expecting a response. I am far behind on answering email. I will get around to emptying that inbox pretty soon. It currently has 1646 messages in it since January 15.

I’ve started up work again on the open source project called Scarab. It’s a Java and XML based issue tracking system intended to replace Bugzilla. I’m working on the front-end GUI, which is entirely browser-based. Ultimately, the front-end will be XHTML-based as parsed by an XML parser like Xerces, which runs on top of Turbine. And because Scarab will have a solid DTD, it will be possible to import/export other bug databases into it. In short, it’s going to be a very extensible issue tracking system with an open source back-end and a standards-compliant front-end. More

I will be in Seattle next Monday evening to attend the CHI-WEB get-together. Unfortunately, I have to skip the conference because I am needed in San Francisco for the rest of the week.

Old buddy Michael Kimsal has uncovered yet another silly security hole in an online system that is supposedly secure. In this one, you can access Ameritech customer information that you normally shouldn’t.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 28, 2001 11:01 PM

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