Today is my one-year …

Today is my one-year anniversary with CollabNet (previously Alphanumerica).

ComputerWorld: The Interface Revolutionary. A good interview with Jef Raskin.

O’ReillyNet: Why Flash is Significant.

Microsoft has given us a look at the Windows XP GUI. First impression: it reminds me far too much of Apple’s MacOS X, but with a FisherPrice bent to it. What the heck did they do to the Start Menu? I don’t see that scaling very well. It looks like a GUI designed for children. I can’t imagine hardcore programmers and business executives adopting this OS.

Attention New Yorkers: Now accepting story submissions for NYStories.

Kevin Werbach: It’s All About the Mobile Internet

Doc Searls talks about how infrastructure is free. Go read. The Politics of Schemas: Part 1

Sun: Java Technology Makes Front Page News. A good article about the Cofax content management system used by a number of newspapers.

Evolt: Your clients need a Content Management System

I am Popo Deepdelver, of Middle Earth.

A comment about an a person I know online: Sure, you are a very smart man. Sure, you make some excellent points. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to be such an asshole when you don’t get your way.

Simon St. Laurent: XML’s Impact on Web Development, Remodeling ‘Traditional’ Web Applications for XML

There’s an amazing discussion on the XHTML-L mailing list about the importance of bringing the HTML, XHTML, and XML communities together. Read the whole thread and then re-read Molly Holzschlag’s post. Sigh…

Next Generation Web Search: Setting Our Sites

Here’s an interesting look at evolving conventions in web-based UI design.

The presentations from the recent Information Architecture conference in San Francisco are now online.

Excellent Wiki discussion on Project Management.

This is an interesting idea, but I don’t think it would work very well for my identical twin brother and I.

The network connection between our NYC office and our San Francisco office has been down all day. Can you tell? At least I’m getting caught up on email…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 14, 2001 03:40 PM

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