Joel on Software: Human …

Joel on Software: Human Task Switches Considered Harmful. Joel basically says that managers should never assign their programmers to more than one project at a time. While this is an ideal situation, it’s probably very difficult to do in any real-world situation. Most good programmers are very capable of multi-tasking on multiple projects as long as the team setup supports it. What you don’t want is for your programmers to get bored with a project and do a half-assed job completing it just so they can move on to the next (and possibly more exciting) project.

A literary atlas for the city that never sleeps. On that note, I’m putting together a site called NYStories, which will be part of Derek Powazek’s CityStories network. I should have a design up within a week or so.

How can you lose $6.8 billion in one quarter? That’s billion with a “b”. Wow.

From the recruting department: CollabNet is hiring in both the Bay Area and New York City. Email me if you’re interested in exploring these opportunities or want more info.

Is Amazon dropping the ball? I ordered some DVDs from them on Saturday, and immediately got a confirmation in my inbox. It’s now Tuesday afternoon and their site has no record of my order? Very odd. I wonder if their recent layoffs have something to do with it.

binarycloud is an open source platform for building web applications with PHP. Interesting…

There’s a couple of good mini-rants about UI at Turing Studio. Read “The Mac OS UI and how it should change” and “More UI elements in HTML”. Though I really wish they would remove them from that silly Javascript pop-up window so that people can link to the rants themselves. Hmmm….

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 13, 2001 10:07 PM