I’ve been pretty busy …

I’ve been pretty busy these past few days. The latest site I helped build for CollabNet (my employer) is now live: http://www.openadaptor.org. I’m also proud to say that I came up with the openadaptor name for this client’s software during a brainstorming session. Cool.

Microsoft: Linux Destined to Fall by the Wayside. That’s one giant pile of typical Microsoft FUD if I ever saw one. Who are they trying to kid?

Giant diagram showing the history and branching of Unix.

Screenshots of an early build of IE 6 (for Windows 2000).

A large collection of links about Microsoft’s .NET initiative.

Good article about Marc Andreessen in Fast Company. I noticed, too, that Fast Company has redesigned their site. Looks a bit too much like Salon.com?

Standard CNet article on the direction software development is going.

Joel on Software: Daily Builds Are Your Friend

Last week, I was pissed that some of Microsoft’s web services were down for nearly a day. I incorrectly blamed a lack of scalability as the problem, when the real problem was a router misconfiguration. I still stand by my statement that large-scale web application absolutely must scale if you’re going to build paid services around them — regardless of whether you are Microsoft or not.

Zeldman on CSS. Finally, a quick cheat sheet to follow!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 30, 2001 12:36 PM

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