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With all the recent dot-com layoffs, the available talent pool is much better today than it was even six months ago. At my job, where we are currently hiring at a steady pace, I’ve noticed the quality of job candidate go up. However, reading all the horror stories about inexcusable overstaffing, clueless management, and legions of cube-farm dwellers makes me wonder if it isn’t all for the best. Perhaps the bulk of these recent jobless people are better off not working in the dot-com industry. The hard part now, is to separate the exceptional talent from the rest.

I’m told that CamWorld is referenced on page 81 of Jeff Veen’s new book, “The Art and Science of Web Design.” This book is on my reading list, so perhaps I need to visit a bookstore today and get a copy. Thanks Jeff!

Last night I met Doc Searls at the openadaptor.org launch party. Smart guy! He was kicking around with none other than Eric S. Raymond, both in town for LinuxWorld.

To prevent the same DNS problems Microsoft had last week, they’ve outsourced some of the management of these DNS services to Akamai, who uses Linux, the Register reports. I see it simply as choosing the best tool/technology for the job.

Ha ha! I saw this “street sign” last week when I was in San Francisco, but didn’t have a camera. Actually, if I recall correctly, I saw a different (but identical) sign on the corner of Bush and Market (not Montgomery) streets, but the impact was the same.

Last week in San Francisco, I saw this guy walking down Market Street. This link and the above are the courtesy of kottke.org.

Microsoft FUD. For some reason I’m strangely reminded of the popular Far Side cartoon with the dog luring the cat into the clothes dryer with signs saying “CAT FUD” and arrows. Oh yeah, for those who don’t know, FUD is an acronym for “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.”

Slashdot: Mac OS X on x86?

I love the title of this paper.

From the make-Cam-happy department:

To Our Valued Apple Customer:

Thank you for ordering Apple’s new PowerBook G4 from the Apple Store.

We are very excited that we have started shipping PowerBook orders this week
in the sequence they were received. We anticipate shipping your new PowerBook
within the next few days and we will email you the moment it is shipped. You
should receive a shipping confirmation email by Saturday of this week.

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