Last …

Last night my coworker Leonard was running
around the office taking pictures of everyone, so that he could go iconify them
with this cool Java applet called storTrooper. Pretty slick…

Notice that I modified mine just a bit…

Jeff Veen’s new book on web design
Art and Science of Web Design
) is finally out. Now all I have to do is
wait for the package to arrive.

xBox vs. Sex

O’Reilly Mac DevCenter: Mac
OS X Opens Apple to a New Audience

future of IE 6.0
? This only serves Microsoft’s best interests in making
IE the underlying foundation for their .NET inititative, and by forcing people
to use a tightly-integrated IE 6.0 with the next version of Windows, they would
then have a whole new distributed application platform that allows them to do
controlled micropayments, among other things.

Last night after a client dinner, I was talking with some co-workers about
the scary possibility of Microsoft acquiring a company like UPS or FedEx. It’d
be no different, really, than the recent mergers of some of the large
telecommunications companies. In this case, though, Microsoft would acquire a
huge physical distribution network that would allow them to tightly integrate their
micropayment plans (see above post) with the actual physical distribution of
goods bought through an e-commerce transaction. Scary, huh?

This is pretty interesting. In 1960, United Flight 826 crashed in Park
Slope, Brooklyn – the neighborhood I now live in. Being the Internet geek I am,
I naturally started looking for information about this and came up with some
interesting sites with lots of
. And, for the truly dedicated, you can
even buy
original photos
of the plane crash from eBay.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 11, 2001 11:02 PM

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