A Linux-based PDA. Cool. …

A Linux-based
. Cool.

of why some tech journalists get such a bad wrap. Hey buddy, did you
even do your research on OS X? Jeez.

How to
Piss Off Your Customers 101
, presented by eBay.

on NetBSD
? That would be be pretty cool…

WebTechniques: Invasion
of the Usability Experts

Microsoft Technical
Support vs. The Psychic Friends Network: Which Provides
Better Support for Microsoft Products?

Um….um, ummmm…um…hmmmm…

I’ve been watching my old college pal Aaron Draplin (Art
Director of Snowboarder Magazine
) discover the wonders of
Blogger. I set him up with a web site a while
back and enabled it for him to use Blogger to update it. He took to it like a duck
takes to water. This is a guy who knows almost nothing about web design and
technologies, but has managed to learn just enough HTML to use Blogger to keep his
site updated with fresh content on a daily basis. It really is one-click
publishing for the masses.

Need some recent browser stats? Here you go.

Aha! And an excellent IA
reading list
, too.

Primary Navigation Must Die
. Hmmm, interesting… [via

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