Flash-based design does not …

Flash-based design does not equal web design, no matter how whizzy and flashy you make it. When creating Flash designs for the web, remember that it is a presentation-based format, not a text-based/data-based format. Flash is an excellent technology that works well as a component of web design, but not as a wrapper for your site’s content unless said content is best suited to be displayed in a presenation form (i.e. portfolios, 3D renderings, product cut-aways, complex data charts, etc.). Until web designers realize that Flash is not the end-all solution to their web design problems, we’re going to continue to see the Flash technology be mis-used.

You gotta love Canadian World Domination!

New bookmark: Media Inspiration

SJ Mercury News: Bill Portelli on Open Source

Upside: Can VA get out of hot water?

Mozilla has reached version 0.6, which is based on the Netscape 6 branch of the source code.

Lucian Millis just alerted me to his weblog about information design, web usability, and user experience. Looks good so far.

More and more DSL horror stories are hitting the press. How soon before everyone realizes that the problem isn’t the technology itself? The problem the relationships between the large phone companies (who run the DSL networks) and the DSL resellers.

Linux Journal on Mac OS X: First Impressions

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