Back in New York. …

Back in New York. After taking a car service from the airport to my apartment in Brooklyn, I dropped by bags and immediately took a shower to remove the “airplane cooties”. If you travel a lot, you know what I mean.

So, now I’m relaxing on the couch. The TV is on for background noise. Somehow the channel landed on the Cartoon Network where some bad Flintstones movie was on. I asked Damien, who had the remote, why it was on this channel and he responded “That’s where it landed.” That’s when I realized that it would be really cool to hack a TV remote so that it had a “Random” button that you could push to get a random channel. Surely much better and more fun that surfing up and down the channel array. I’m sure some hardware geek has done this. Send me links!

Whoo! I’m gettin’ me an Auto Hammer!

I’m sorry, but some ideas are just wrong.

The large telephone conglomerates aren’t going to get away with it much longer. BellSouth was recently found guilty of discriminatory practices. And you can bet that the other Baby Bells (RBOCs) are doing the exact same thing. As a consumer, I just want better service. In fact, I just want the DSL I ordered in March, but don’t have yet. And if I can’t have that, then I at least want reliable service for the pathetic iDSL they mistakenly installed back in July.

Waferbaby Corner: nickd

Um, if you’re getting 250,000 spam complaints a month, doesn’t that clearly point to a serious problem with your company’s policies towards spam? Spam is bad. Spam wastes more bandwidth every day than Flash ever will. Spam needs to be illegal. The only thing I can think of that’s worse than more spam is Flash-based spam. Please, please, please — let’s not let it get that bad. Let’s make spam illegal, and then enforce those laws.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 10, 2000 02:13 PM