Joel on Software: Netscape …

Joel on Software: Netscape Goes Bonkers. Wait for Mozilla. [Discuss]

MS-HTML: a Nefarious and Despicable Plot

I like, but disagree completely with this article (ahem, press release). Their site does not have “quick-loading pages” nor is their “buying process speedy.” Their success is proving to be their downfall, since their technology does not seem to scale well. Logging into an existing account during peak business hours is next to impossible due to overloaded servers. is successful for one reason only: low prices and free shipping. To think otherwise is to be fooling yourself.

If you live in the Bay Area, you can now find out how many parolees live in your Zip Code.

OSOpinion: Choosing Open Source: What Does It Mean?

LinuxNews: Barriers to Open Source Use in Medicine Persist

Bill Seitz has posted an article that warns dot-com employees of possible tax problems.

Web Scripting Tools – Compare and Contrast

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