AOLTV is “seriously flawed.” …

AOLTV is “seriously flawed.”

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Note: I will be attending the CNet Builder conference next month in New Orleans. If you’re going to be there, drop me a quick note or hunt me down and introduce yourself. I’m always interested in meeting more of my readers in person.

Hats. Of. Meat. Yes, really.

Wow, is getting pounded today. I placed an order this morning that got submitted twice because their servers couldn’t handle the load. The massive traffic they’re getting today is probably due to their free-shipping promotion that’s happening all this week. I’ve been trying to get into their site all day to make sure I don’t get double-billed, but the pages keep hanging. Come to think of it, this is strangely familiar to what happened to a year or so back. I doubt it’s only coincidence that both sites are using an ASP/IIS combination. Scaling people, your ecommerce technology has to scale if you’re going to be successful in this industry.

How can people be this incredibly stupid? Wow. I mean, wouldn’t it have much cheaper to just rent a U-Haul? I imagine the repair costs on this car are much higher than the cost of a one-way U-Haul.

Cultural Differences in E-Commerce: A Comparison Between the U.S. and Japan

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