Back in January, I …

Back in January, I complained pretty loudly about the new site design of, and went on to say that perhaps was on their way to extinction. I guess I was right, since just closed its doors. [Thanks, Ross Olson, for the link.]

Must Read: Trouble in Paradise: Problems Facing the Usability Community

Regular readers know that I’m not much of a sports fan, which is why you rarely ever see sports-related links or commentary here on CamWorld. Yet, the upcoming Subway Series here in New York will surely be an interesting study in group dynamics. On the subway to work, I watch the Yankees fans argue with the Mets fans. On the streets of New York City, I see Mets fans argue with Yankees fans about who is going to win. Walking home to my apartment in Brooklyn, I listen as Yankees fans and Mets fans yell very loudly at each other from their fourth-floor windows and their brownstone stoops. And I think about the amount of unnecessary tension that is created, and I wonder about the worst-case scenario. Are there going to be silly riots after one of the teams loses? Is it going to be as bad as the Central Park atrocities during the Puerto Rican Day Parade last summer?

The Microsoft Crash Gallery. [via Captain Cursor]

Advogato: Is open source alone enough to help the third world?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 20, 2000 03:45 PM

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