Marketing schmuck: Hey, our …

Marketing schmuck: Hey, our product sucks ass, but we want to impress the opinion-makers of our competition. I know, let’s bribe them. [via Brian Carnell]

People who take cheap shots at others are only proving to the world that they have no respect for others.

07/14/97: “Basically, Winer’s whinings come down to a frustrated blow-hard spewing his opinions about anything.” Hmmm, interesting opinion.

eCompanyNow: “Here is the dirty little secret of the Web world: Much of the pricey stuff, whether content management systems or search engines or commerce servers, is simply not ready for prime time.

Wow. I’ve always known that sleazy journalism was abundant in our mainstream press, but this really takes the cake.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 21, 2000 06:08 PM