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Excellent thread on the failures of large commercial Content Management Systems. [via Have Browser, Will Travel] My bosses think I know everyone on the web. I keep insisting that I don’t. What’s odd is that I keep running into people online I haven’t seen or heard from in many years. For instance, somebody I worked with on my college newspaper replied to the thread mentioned earlier in this post. Everything’s connected….

There’s a WriteTheWeb thread going about this same topic as well.

NY Times: Building a Better Web With Content Blueprints

Jon Katz: Open Media: Taking Old Fartism Down

Alright. I’m starting to get extremely pissed off at CNN.com. Could someone please give me an email address for someone in charge there. I’ve got some serious bones to pick with them regarding their email newsletters, which I’m receiving but am unable to subscribe from, despite repeated attempts. If my pleas for help continue to go ignored, I will have no choice to but to start slinging mud in their direction, and I really don’t want to do that. Please Note: These are newsletters that I never actually signed up for. I’m guessing they bought my address from one of those cheesy sites that aggregates information about people’s interests.]

Luke Tymowski writes:

Microsoft.com doesn’t work with their older browsers (i.e. IE 2.0).
That is the standard browser on NT 4. So if you’ve just reinstalled NT 4 from scratch, you can’t upgrade
to IE 5 without first going to Netscape.com, downloading Netscape, then downloading IE.

Creating Dynamic or Interactive Kiosk Web Sites

Like Pete, I’m also having trouble getting LinuxPPC instaleld on my spare G3. I’ve asked my brother to pick me up sme alternative distributions at MacWorld next week.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 13, 2000 11:18 PM