MacCommunist: I love the …

MacCommunist: I love the round mouse (and I hate the rest of you lame-o’s). Hmmm….

You too can not raise hogs. This is almost as ridiculous as the patent office.

Apparently, IE 5.5 for Windows has gone gold. It’s rather interesting to note that this page isn’t viewable in Netscape 4.x. What the hell? Does Microsoft do this on purpose?

Excellent article on SSHand telnet.

Chris Nelson on Microsoft’s
.NET strategy
. How soon before people start thinking that the Internet
is Microsoft? This is what Microsoft hopes!

Some quotes:

What we’re left with is a situation in which one company controls the
evolution of computer technology, while retaining an aura of passivity.

However MS has been incapable of dominating markets where they can’t
leverage their existing products.

But with 86% of the Internet’s users browsing with Microsoft product, I
think it’s safe to say that Microsoft has a good chance of superimposing
their own proprietary systems over the Internet in such a way that the end
result will be a majority of users interacting with remote data via
proprietary MS systems.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 12, 2000 04:43 PM

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