Philosophe: Testing Without a …

Philosophe: Testing Without a Formal Test Plan

So, I’m watching teevee and William Shatner just called me a “dog” and told me to “bust a move.” What is this world coming to?

Advogato looks like a really interesting site for free software developers. I set up an account just to check it out. It’s really an intriguing site, packed full of great developer news and articles, too.

On Saturday night, I saw the movie American Psyco with David Wertheimer. During the opening credits, I saw the name Josh Lucas. I did a double-take as I read this different Josh Lucas‘ site regularly.

On any given day there are between three and eight million people in the NYC metro area. Yesterday, while in a bookstore in the Upper West Side, I ran into my boss. What are the odds? Maybe the odds are better because about half the city has retreated to the country and vicinity for the holiday weekend.

Oh yeah, my coworkers are building a game in Mozilla. How freaking cool is that?

And my good friend Andrew Woolridge talks about the power of Mozilla’s Style Sheets.

Slashdot: How Can I Promote Open Source On The Macintosh?

Freshmeat: Inroads to Free Software Development. An excellent article talking about how to get involved in the Free Software (and in turn, Open Source) development, even if you’re not a developer.

MacOS Open Source Software. Excellent. [found at Axodys]

The Thai Open Source Software Center. [via MonkeyFist Daily Churn]

Here’s an excellent BusinessWeek article about how investors have punished Covad for moving into xDSL telecommunications markets that effectively lets them compete against their own resellers. This is happening at the Baby Bell level too. I’m almost convinced that my DSL woes [ordered it in March from a Covad reseller, have yet to get a Bell Atlantic person to give me a date when the lines from the pole to the house are going to be upgraded…] are due to Bell Atlantic putting a lesser priority on their reseller’s issues [upgrading the lines, switches, etc. that make DSL possible] than their own, since Bell Atlantic also sells DSL as a broadbad service to the home.

I’m convinced that t-shirts and polo shirts need to come in the following sizes: S, M, L XL, XXL, Elephant. Because every time I buy an XL or XXL shirt, I swear it shrinks three sizes. Now, if I bought the Elephant size, at least I know it would fit after a couple of washes. No really, I’m not obscenely fat or anything but I have a large-ish neck and big shoulders. It makes finding dress shirts difficult. It’s even worse for my brother: “What do you mean, you don’t have any shirts with a size 18 neck?” is an excellent site that tracks news and issues regarding the domain name situation. [Found at Lake Effect]

Usenet II. Interesting.

A four-year-old email from Tim O’Reilly warning us about the issues surrounding Microsoft’s WindowsNT 4.0 and its restricted functionality as a web server.

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