Lying in bed last …

Lying in bed last night trying to get to sleep, I came to the realization that thinking about complex HTML table structures actually helps. There’s something about the way we visualize such abstract things as HTML tables in our minds that works as a kind of sleep stimulant. And it’s not just HTML, either. Most programming languages also have a level of abstraction that requires visualization and deep thought. This is probably why most programmers prefer to work in an environment without distractions. Of course, it could also be why I feel so sleepy at work sometimes. This also leads me to wonder about the ratio of caffeine intake with programmers. There are some responses and comments to this.

Whoo-hoo! Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics hit the stores today, despite what Amazon says. (One of my coworkers already bought a copy.)

Anyone who has ever had to use Visio will enjoy this essay/rant.

O’ReillyNet: Thinking Outside the Outbox

Venture Capitalists are lining up at the door!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 7, 2000 06:31 PM

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