This article at Macledge …

This article at Macledge reports that John Carmack (the inventor the Quake gaming architecture) is working on a port of X-Windows for MacOS X Server and hopes to also port it to Mac OS X.

Niel Bornstein over at Monkeyfist threw together an email-to-web tool. Very cool. Now, if only he would publish the code…

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like Monkeyfist is built using Zope. If so, they’ve done a great job of customizing it. [Actually, some quick research shows they’re using PHP. I’m betting that they’re using Fast-Template or something similar.] Nope, they’re using custom scripts.

Themed web sites using PHP Fast-Templates [Cool!]

DSL Links:

Microsoft goes after Slashdot. Heh, good luck. [More on this. Still think Microsoft doesn’t have a hidden agenda for everything it does?]

The Washington Post has published a correction regarding last week’s article saying that Microsoft invented XML.

These minipops and micropops are simply amazing. Also be sure to check out the Mini Museum of Modern Art.


This is very cool. Costas Malamas pointed me towards an open source project called PHPSlash that is basically a rewrite of the Slashdot engine in PHP.

I’m going to have to start reading SplorpBlog more often. Good stuff.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 11, 2000 11:30 PM

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