O’Reilly Network: Meerkat: An …

O’Reilly Network: Meerkat: An Open Service API

Spin, spin, spin….

O’Reilly’s upcoming Creating Documents With XML looks like it will be a book worth buying.

Last weekend at a party I was talking with someone who had recently decided to move to England. I recalled reading something about British government’s move to route all incoming and outgoing email through a massive spy center. As a kid, I lived near the U.S.-owned Menwith Hill Communications base in Northern England, which for decades has monitored a huge portion of Europe’s over-the-air communications. So, it’s not just the British government who thinks that quiet monitoring of communications is necessary, the U.S. has been doing it for longer than anyone cares to admit.

The X-Men theme song by Jewel is available online as an MP3. It’s pretty good! [via Dandot]

Steve over at NowThis has some interesting things to say about the ILOVEYOU virus and Microsoft technology.

Slate: With Love, From Microsoft

Fray: 32,000 ft.

From 1989 comes Paul Saffo’s ageless essay, “Information Surfing.

Rants from Owen Briggs, clearly a thoughtful and clued-in designer/writer.

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