The Mozilla Developer Meeting …

The Mozilla Developer Meeting from last week has a great write-up in Slashdot this morning with quotes from yours truly.

Evolt: A brief history of Mozilla. on skins.

So, after 4 years of reading DaveNet and Scripting News, I finally met Dave Winer last week. Unfortunately, my conversation with him at Netscape was cut short by the Slashdot reporter who wrote the article referenced above. I did hitch a ride with Dave to La Fiesta and have a great picture of him driving his SUV. If I can get my digital camera to export its pictures [argh!], I’ll post it. circa 2001. Heh! [via]

I tried very hard to make it to Ev and Jake’s Superspring 2000 Party last weekend but too many things happened too fast for me to make it there in time. For what it’s worth, my birthday is in 3 days. The big two-seven. No party has been planned.

I wish my writing was as good as Lance Arthur’s, and some day it might be. One of the things I learned at SXSW back in March was something Lance told another conference attendee when he was asked how he became such a great writer. He answered [paraphrasing] that he used to never write but in his quest to become a writer he decided to write something every day, no matter how bad or stupid it may be. After a while, his writing became clearer and writing every day became easier. In some ways, this is exactly what some weblogs are like that have gained a large audience. It was sort of an epiphany to me to realize that good writers become good writers simply by practicing. And now that I think about it, that’s how all people become good at whatever they’re good at. Sports athletes, musicians, writers; it all boils down to practice. The same can be said for software programming. The more you do it, the better you get. Graphic design, too.

Bad Microsoft, bad!

Zeldman is covering most of the press around this surprising development from Microsoft. Damn, I wish my last name started with a “Z.” It’s kinda sexy.

Great Netscape 6 banner ad, found by Steven Champeon. [via Edd Dumbill]

Matt Haughey always manages to put a new perspective on things. [Found at Scripting News]

My old friend Andy Winter sent me this funny picture.

From the you-can-buy-anything-on-the-Internet department comes the Penis Pillow.

Shift’s Digital Education Guide featuring the top 10 schools for new media.

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