We released my first …

We released my first Mozilla skin today, called Sullivan. It looks pretty slick. It works best with the M14 release of Mozilla. The nightly builds of M15 are breaking all sorts of things. Hopefully, all will be straigtened out soon.

Our new Alphanumerica site is now live as well, complete with its own weblog.

Mother Jones: Is the Internet a Ponzi Scheme?

How to Wash Dishes.

I was too tired to go see Richard Stallman (pictured here) speak last night, but I’m told he’s a very curious speaker. This picture was found at Danny O’Brien’s “Some Past and Future Cliches Regarding Linux.

Resources for the study of comics.

An interview with Scott McCloud from 1994.

Whoo-hoo! I’m not the only Cameron Barrett in the world anymore. I have to credit my parents for giving me such a unique name. Although I’m certain I’m still the only Cameron Barrett in the world who is a twin.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 4, 2000 12:49 PM

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