New eBay stuff section. …

New eBay stuff section. See left-hand side.

Derek Powazek is selling Fray t-shirts and stuff. Which reminds me again of the getting CamWorld t-shirts done. Hmmm….

Where Google came from. [Slide show]

TurlyMing looks like a great new weblog. BTW, I’m going to be trimming my weblog list at the left, and adding some of the newer/better weblogs that have come of late. Please don’t take any offense if yours gets removed. I cannot read them all and the ones that I’ve stopped reading regularly will be removed. My goal is to make the left reflect my personal reading list more, and less as a comprehensive list of existing weblogs, which is what it started as.

Students cause riot. Students get expelled. End of story. Except for when said students (who happen to be black) go whining to Rev. Jesse Jackson that they’ve been unfairly treated. Regardless of race, any student who causes a riot deserves to be expelled. What exactly is Jackson protesting?

$5 | $10 | $20 | $50 | $100

Meta: I get enough weird email now, that I actually have a Eudora folder called “Nutcases”.

I think this was a pretty fair trade. [Thanks John C.]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 17, 1999 10:45 PM

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