Note to self: Stop …

Note to self: Stop being so bitter and cynical. [Happy Cam is on a vacation.]

Pat’s Do-It-Yourself Loudspeakers.

Mr. Barrett talks to a taxi driver in NYC.

Don’t worry. Bifurcated Rivets will be back. Lindsay said he’s been having hardware problems.

The new toy in Toy Story 2. [Mature humour.]

Must Read: “When the merger of AT&T and MediaOne is complete, AT&T and its affiliates will oversee a broadband cable network that will cover some 80% of the residential broadband market. That network will be part of the Internet, but it will not be architected according to the principle of end-to-end. Instead, the network will give AT&T and its affiliates the power to discriminate in the service it will provide, by limiting users to the ISP of AT&T’s choice. It will be the owner of the network, not the user, or the innovator, that gets to decide how the network gets used.More on this very important subject. [Found at Hack-the-Planet]

Robert X. Cringely offers up a page-by-page summary of the DoJ’s Findings of Fact.

Caught. Pants down. Again.

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