Ack! Gag me with a spoon! …

Ack! Gag me with a spoon! Steven Champeon pointed out that it’s pretty lame for Microsoft to use the American flag image so freely for such a vile piece of propaganda. Last I checked, Microsoft was an international company.

I’ve got a couple of “20% off all purchases at any Borders or Waldenbooks store” postcard coupons that I’d like to give away. They can only be used November 21 and November 22, and can’t be used for online purchases. The first two people to email me with their name and mailing address will receive one of these postcards. Christmas is coming…

Anyone owning more than a couple of domains gets mis-directed email all the time. Me: about 5-10 mis-directed emails a week. Some of it is very bizarre; love letters, personal communication, and even spam. Maybe I’ll share it some day.

The prediction of most IT departments is that they plan to spend most of January dealing with the impending Y2K bug. I’m betting that most of the year 2000 will be spent dealing with the other Y2K bug.

I saw this a few weeks back and didn’t link to it. It’s making the rounds again. Too bad U.S advertising can’t be this clever. [Brilliant!]

Pet psychics? [via Backup Brain]

1-877-258-5808. Is anyone compiling the questions/answers online?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 9, 1999 06:56 PM

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