Tips for seeing the Late Show …

Tips for seeing the Late Show With David Letterman.

Borders Books and Music Online Employment Application. [This is a parody and is not affiliated in any way with Borders Group, Inc. or Borders Online — who happens to be my employer.]

What I Learned From TV: 100 million acts of sexual intercourse happen every day. This results in 910,000 pregnancies of which 400,000 babies are born. Each day!

CamWorld is proudly 100% free of “Mahir the Turkish stud” links.

Macromedia is working on some sort of super Content Management tool called Whirlwind. It will be interesting to see how good it is, as every large site has such different needs.

The official Dolby Surround Sound speaker placement (with diagrams).

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 10, 1999 06:02 PM

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