“Microportal” Precursor Term to Blogs

Newsflash: Sun wins injunction against Microsoft.

My friend Michael Kimsal’s Keyword Counter compares keywords between web pages. For instance, the keyword “Microsoft” shows up 7 times on Camworld, 11 times on Scripting News, and 14 times on Flutterby. He’s looking for feedback about how to use this concept. I suggested it as a tool for teachers checking for plagiarism, or journalists doing detailed concept research. [This comparison was done on Nov. 16. Sites may have changed since the comparison.]

From the CamList: A very interesting Russian zine.

Is Camworld a “microportal?

Blast from the past: Remember when Yahoo was on this server? Wow.

Another friend, Matte Elsbernd is working on a collaborative storytelling site.

Dan Lyke rants about Coding Mythically.

Oh boy, programmers are fun. I went to this page to make sure that the Industry Standard wouldn’t spam me with mail from the mailing lists they’ve sold. In the URL string after hitting the submit button, there’s a USER_SPAMABILITY=1 parameter. Hee hee.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 17, 1998 05:54 PM

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