Gettin’ Scared

Bob Garfield tears apart this season’s television ad campaigns. Bravo.

Michael Gale warns us about the perils of “Death Star Marketing.”

Hell Freezes Over: Microsoft Delivers Unix Tools.

Again, these Internet stocks just don’t make any sense…

So I’m watching the RealVideo broadcast of Bill Gates’ keynote at Comdex from last night, and about two minutes into it this message pops up on the screen, “Due to the proprietary nature of the current videotape element, the video and audio portion of this broadcast will be interrupted. The program will resume in a few moments. Thanks you.” Can anyone tell me what Gates thinks is so proprietary that ZDTV isn’t allowed to re-broadcast it?

The Industry Standard tells me what the blocked clip was about:

The only mention of Microsoft’s mounting legal troubles came during a five-minute video that humorously logged the company’s travails of the past 12 months, starting with a clip of Attorney General Janet Reno announcing the Justice Department’s lawsuit. Also included were the recent “tell-all” books The Microsoft Files and Barbarians Led By Bill Gates, the Brill’s Content magazine cover story about Microsoft’s PR spin machine, a clip of the Belgian pie attack, and a vicious fight between claymation figures of Gates and Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley.

OK, I’m starting to get scared.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 16, 1998 05:53 PM

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