Engineer Dreams

CTHEORY: Dreams Engineers Have.

EyeSaw Fontz.

Yeah baby, who says I don’t do my research: Guess who she’s working for? For more ways to outsmart your competition, click and buy.

FlabJab Profile: cameron.

Hooking a computer up to your electric bug zapper? Want to control your fridge from the office? On vacation, but need to let someone in the house via your digital security system? A few years down the road…you say? Nonsense. Just visit SHED and download their free software. There must be a catch, you say. Ah yes, you must first have a Mac.

WebFreekz: British Invasion. Again, again!

BayCHI SIG: Bay Area Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 20, 1998 04:30 PM

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