Explaining My Silence

Several friends have asked me over the past few months why I’ve stopped blogging as much as I used to. There are a number of reasons, most of them good — some of them great.

The truth is that I made a conscious decision a year ago to stop blogging when I joined the Clark campaign because I refused to let myself become a target for the right-wing smear campaigns. Sadly, my efforts failed and they found a way to smear my name and reputation anyway. When I moved to the Kerry campaign in March I continued my blog silence since I was willing to do just about anything to help remove Bush from office — even work for a politician I didn’t really like. Unofficially, this was the reason I left the Kerry campaign after four weeks; apparently some of the staffers did not like the way I talked about Kerry internally (on principle alone, I dislike all politicians who can be described as career politicians. Yuck.). I disagreed with a lot of the online strategy being managed by Josh Ross, who focused mostly on the email campaigns and raising money and ignored most of the efforts being staged to bring politics back to the people by offering robust online community tools.

Now that the campaigns are over and we get to look forward to what’s likely going to be four more years of ugliness from the Bush administration I have no excuse to not be blogging more. The truth is I’m rusty and focused on other things right now but I recognize the value of my blog and should get back into the habit of keeping it updated.

The other reason is that soon after I moved back to NYC from Arlington I met someone very special who has become a major presence and influence in my life. We recently decided to move in together and look for a larger apartment. To protect her privacy and respect her wishes I am not identifying her or giving her name here on my blog. She is a private person and wishes to remain that way. But I cannot deny that her presence in my life is one of the reasons I have not been blogging as much. Such is life, and it is good.

I’m keeping busy with freelance projects, which I will continue to announce on CamWorld when they launch. I will also try to update more often, and I hope that it’s just like riding a bicycle. Here’s to scraped knees and banana-seats.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 3, 2004 02:45 PM