Draft Bruce

A few weeks ago I was asked by Josh Lerner and Andrew Rasiej to design a one-page web site to be used as the basis of an online petition to draft Bruce Springsteen to play a benefit concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey on September 1, 2004 – the same day George Bush accepts the RNC nomination in New York City.

I threw a design together and passed it to Josh, who implemented the form and set up the web server. The site launched this morning and the Democratic activist community has embraced the idea, linking to the petition from their web sites and blogs.

No one knows if this draft idea will work but it’s common knowledge that Bruce Springsteen does not like George Bush and recently complained to the Bush campaign about them using his 1984 “Born in the U.S.A.” song as one of their campaign theme songs. (Not coincidentally, I based the site design on this album cover, where Bruce is standing in front of a flag.)

Check it out: http://www.draftbruce.com/

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 17, 2004 03:29 PM

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