Elevator Conversations

Yesterday morning I was in the elevator going to work and there were three other people who clearly were coworkers at a company on a higher floor. The conversation went like this:

Woman 1: Oh, I like what you did with your hair.
Woman 2: Thanks. I decided to make it more curly.
Woman 1: I'll bet the recent humidity makes it difficult to manage.
    Man: I hate hair.
     *** Elevator arrives at my floor ***
     *** All three look at me as I move towards the doors ***
     *** Shrugging my shoulders I throw up my hands and gesture upwards ***
     Me: I don't have that problem.
     *** They then notice my lack of hair ***
Woman 2: That was funny....(heard while the doors closed behind me)

Walking home from work yesterday, I was in a hurry to get home and strip off my work clothes and change into something more comfortable. A man who hasn’t shaved in about a week and who is wearing dirty clothes eyes me walking very fast up the hill in Park Slope. He says only one thing to me:

"Hey kid. You make a million today?"

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 23, 2003 01:40 AM

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