Current Reading List

Here are the books that currently holding down my bedstand:

Interesting notes about the above books: Blakely, who wrote Siberia Bound, was the business development manager at KnowNow, where a bunch of people I know work or have worked. Bryant’s book was written in 1919, but much of what she writes about Russia is still relevant today. Matt Reilly’s book is pure “trash fiction”. As long as you can sustain your suspension of disbelief to the end of the book, you’ll finish it – it reads like a bad Hollywood blockbuster movie plot. The Coltheart book (Fleeting Memories) is beautifully printed and stuffed full of excellent essays about cognitive psychology and is a must-read for any designer who wants to understand the psychology behind why logos and typography work the way they do.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 17, 2003 12:32 AM

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