O’Reilly Open Source Conference: Tuesday

For a conference full of geeks you’d think they would have the WiFi problems figured out in a matter of minutes, but apparently this is not the case. The wireless network at the conference has been up and down all day, apparently caused by either a rogue network called “oreilly” that is causing a conflict or a hosed DHCP server. No one is sure exactly and I’ve been unable to track down someone who knows the whole story. All I know is if they don’t have the problems sorted out by tomorrow when most of the people show up there may be a spontaneous riot as email withdrawal sets in. It’s even more disturbing that I can’t even get the DHCP server to assign me an IP number from the hub in the Press Room. Most likely the blame will eventually be pointed to the IT people the hotel hired to set up the network, who likely have little experience dealing with hordes of laptop-wielding geeks demanding WiFi access points.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 8, 2003 05:23 PM

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