Happy Holidays from …

Happy Holidays from Moscow. I’m headed back to New York tomorrow but only updated the index page to replace my logo with my old bulb-in-a-box animated GIF.

SpamAssassin has done an amazing job of keeping my inbox free of spam. I’ve left it untouched since I left a month ago and the caughtspam file is now over 25 MB in size. Amazing.

Quick preview of some of my pictures. I took over a 1000 of them, and about half of them so are good enough to annotate. Full trip report with photos will be online sometime in January.

St. Mary's Church - Mellieha Red Square, Moscow
St. Mary’s Church in Mellieha, Malta. this was the view from my apartment if you can believe it. Red Square, Moscow – View of the huge Gosudarstvennij Universalnij Magazin (State Universal Stores) shopping center.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 19, 2002 03:09 PM