I’m still in …

I’m still in a weird sleep phase. I get home from work and sleep from about 8:00 PM to midnight and then get up, answer email, watch TV for a couple of hours and then fall asleep again until about 6:00 AM and then get up and go to work. For some reason this feels like what I should be doing, even though it’s messing up my gym schedule and my coworkers stare at me for being at work before 10:00 AM.

I love this job posting on Craigslist. “No pretend web designers!” Hee hee.

The complete text of O’Reilly’s Creating Applications With Mozilla is now online. I was involved with this book very early in its creation but moved on to other things. Congrats to David, Brian, Ian, Pete and Eric on a job well done.

Google Groups: UFOs From A to Z

NY Times: Spam is estimated to be 32% of all email sent. That’s approximately two billion pieces of spam sent every day. It must be stopped.

Economist: So many planes, so few passengers

I’m doing a bunch of travel research since I want to travel internationally once more this year, probably in November. Here are my choices for a 7-10 day trip around Thanksgiving:

  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Malta (very nice and inexpensive)
  • Paris, France
  • Cyprus
  • Tunisia (not likely)
  • Turkey (probably not)

It is pathetic that Erin Clerico, who owns weblogger.com, is picking stupid and unenforcable copyright fights with people using the term weblogger in their products and services. Considering that my writing about weblogs predates Erin’s whois record for weblogger.com shows just how stupid and petty this is. Weblogger.com, for the record, is a teeny-tiny Userland Manila-hosting service reseller. Grow up Erin, you don’t have any legal ground to stand on.

Internet.com: The Great Credit Card Bazaar. This is one of the reasons I have paid off all of my excess credit cards and cancelled all but one account. It’s a good idea to regularly (once every year or two) cancel your credit card accounts and transfer your balances to a new creditor.

Paul Krugman: The Vision Thing

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