New extreme sport: …

New extreme sport: Skydriving, or dropping a car from a plane and then “driving” it on the way down. Too bad there are no pictures of what the car looks like after hitting.

I am watching my Koyaanisqatsi DVD tonight. It is still, beyond doubt, one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. I once wrote that this movie needs to be required viewing for all high school students. I’ve now amended that thought to say that it should be required viewing for all people. The imagery and music together are an incredible experience and an amazing teaching tool. No other film has ever made me think so much about the world we live in. Last night I watched Monsters, Inc. (yay!) and Shallow Hal (don’t bother).

Now what are those LEGO people up to now? Wink wink.

Um, here is a guy named Harmik who apparently earns a living by being a Tom Jones look-alike. Through his web site,, you can even order women’s panties decorated with his picture. Hmmm…

Interesting story about the possibility that Flight 93 was shot down by our own military, simply to protect the White House, its intended target. If this is a cover-up, the Bush administration has a lot of explaining to do. Check out the list of evidence. Conspiracy theorists love this stuff.

Here’s are two more of my favorite pictures from my trip to Siberia. The complete slideshow will be ready soon:

Stolby Nature Preserve Abandoned House
Both pictures were taken near the village Novo-Snyezhnaya (“New-Snowy”) on the southeast tip of Lake Baikal. The Snyezhnaya River is named after its white rocks.

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