What the heck …

What the heck is U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Nancy Powell wearing? Is she colorblind? Or am I just completely ignorant of fashion?

Aha! After eight weeks of going to the gym nearly every day, following a strict exercise regimen and changing my diet I was disappointed that I only lost about seven pounds. The trainer I hired recommended that I have a thyroid test done, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment and today I got the results. My thyroid is indeed under-active which creates weight-loss issues related to the metabolism. The good news is that a simple prescription of thyroid medication can reverse this and in a few weeks I can expect a much better level of energy and more normal weight-loss. I’m having the test run again next week, and then again every 4 months along with a load of other tests I have done regularly. I am no stranger to the doctor’s office.

What the fuck is wrong with HBO? They cancelled Dennis Miller, the only decent late-night show worth watching. I wonder if Dennis was asking for too much money, though I doubt he was. It’s more like some dickhead in executive management at HBO decided he didn’t like Miller’s style. Or perhaps HBO received too much pressure from political lobbying groups. Whatever the reason, Miller’s show — a voice of reason and refreshing wake-up call — will be missed. [via Doc Searls]

A company called Ongenx, or Generation X Media, has registered both blogmedia.com and blogmag.com. Hmmm, I wonder what they might be planning.

Now the politicians in England are using the whole Bush-Iraq thing as an excuse to attack each other. Jeez.

AlterNet: Connect the Dots With Rumsfeld

Kuro5hin: A Plea for Public Access Television. This reminded me a conversation I had with a British co-worker. He was astonished that the broadcast industry is required to set aside a number of channels for public access television, and that inexpensive resources were available to anyone who wants to make their own TV show.

Mondo Mini Shows has a series of Flash animations called Happy Tree Friends that are truly twisted. It’d be cool to see these on Conan or Letterman some evening.

Village Voice: A World Without Water. A disturbing article that outlines the issues of water conservation and abuse. It also warns of a time when the world may value water more than it values oil, which may be far sooner than we think.

Natural Resources Defense Council: Bottled Water, Pure Drink or Pure Hype?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 24, 2002 07:27 PM

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