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The site developers at Sharp-USA have it all wrong. When you visit with the latest version of Mozilla, you are redirected to a browser upgrade page that says “To fully experience the Sharp USA site, you need to have Version 4 or above of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator Version 4.x.” Idiots. Someone needs to tweak their browser-detection script. What’s even more ironic is there is a 2-year old bug in Mozilla’s Bugzilla database that addresses problems with

Jock Gill: Overthrowing the telecom monopoly: The best medicine for democratic development both at home and abroad

Dan Gillmor: Journalistic Pivot Point. Rebecca counters.

I tried Reese’s new Fast Break candy bar today. I really like it, except for the name. What kind of name is “Fast Break” for a candy bar. It should be called Peanut Butter Yummy Goodness. The candy bar has a URL on the wrapper:

Taking the PC case to the next level. [via Larkfarm]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 28, 2002 04:40 PM

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