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I’ve recently started using Mozilla 0.9.9 more. A full week’s use has seen it crash only once. I’m in the middle of doing a bunch of QA tessting on some web applications we’re building so I’m using Mozilla as my main test browser. I’m growing to like it. I’ve also started to tech-edit the forthcoming Creating Applications With Mozilla book for O’Reilly. No solid publication date for this book but I expect it to be on the shelves by the mid-Summer (or sooner). Just in time for Mozilla 1.0.

Spiders on drugs. Hmmm…. [via BoingBoing]

PFIR: Overcoming ICANN: Forging Better Paths for the Internet

John Udell talks about writing in Mozilla. This reminds me of the old Alphanumerica project we called the Mozilla ScriptEditor which was an attempt to create a BBEdit-like text editor that would sit on top of the Mozilla Application Framework. It’s similar in concept to how the BareBones guys are starting to tightly integrate BBedit for OS X into the command-line interface of Mac OS X.

Grrl.com: My Date With Cape Boy

How I Gave Jon Stewart Customized Jockey Shorts. Hmmm, gives me some ideas…

Heh, the iBong. Funny.

CorporateMofo: Deconstructing NYC subway ads. You kinda have to ride the NYC subways regularly to understand this.

How Young Scientologists Spend Their Mornings: Last week in Austin, Texas I was part of several conversations about the prevalent Scientology community there. I didn’t experience this first-hand until the last day I was in Austin, shopping for some souvenirs on 4th Street. On the corner were about 6-10 young, well-dressed men and women attempting to pass out small flyers. Living in new York, I’ve become accustomed to ignoring the people who try to thrust things into your hand as you walk past. These kids were different. They walk right up to you, look you straight in the eye and ask you something like “Would you like a free gift?” or “Would you like a free personality test?” I answer “No thanks” to which one of the young men responded “You’re missing out, man” as I walked away. This whole incident was in direct contrast to their cohort, a well-dressed guy on the street corner shouting (not yelling) as loud as he could the virtues of being a Scientologist. I didn’t pay attention to what he was shouting but it was pretty typical stuff. Blah blah blah.

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