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I have an acquaintence here in NYC who has been struggling for a while now to find someone who knows the intricacies of building out a web site that has an ecommerce back-end, i.e. is able to accept credit cards. The site also needs a user management system and the product database requires that some products have expiration dates assigned to them. If you’re in the New York City area and have experience doing this and can take on a new client, please let me know so that I can refer you.

My brother is putting a couple of things together over at MrBarrett.com. Very intriguing. Escape from the Microsoft Exchange Server tyranny!

Microsoft is quietly changing the fine print of a lot of their applications to make it legal for them to sniff your computer over the Internet and automatically download/install upgrades and other maintenance software. Wait a minute, this is just crazy. How soon before a security hole in something Microsoft has written starts allowing for corporate espionage and the theft of company trade secrets (already possible, BTW). I think that companies that deal with highly sensitive information need to seriously re-evaluate the use of Microsoft OS’s and software within their organizations. It gets worse. What if a security hole in Microsoft’s stuff starts creating national security problems? Wouldn’t the appropriate thing be for the NSA to shut Microsoft down until they’ve minimized the threat? Microsoft needs to be held responsible for the crapware they’re releasing onto the world. They’ve regularly put their own profits and motives ahead of their customers’ needs and security requirements, routinely pushing insecure software out the door before it was ready. They’re now doing the same thing with their .NET initiative, which is the foundation for their distributed software campaign. I for one, am very afraid of what Microsoft is trying to do to the future of computing. It’s be a whole different story if Microsoft didn’t have such a piss-poor history in the security department because I do think that networked computing and distributed software is the right direction; I just don’t think Microsoft should be the one to give it to us.


Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 13, 2002 12:19 PM

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