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SprintPCS has released something called the Sprint PCS Wireless Application Manager. It aims to be a platform for building secure wireless applications for mobile phones. I’ve met most of the guys behind this technology and feel that SprintPCS is headed in the right direction. Within a few years, mobile phones (and other portable computing devices) are going to be regularly used for e-commerce transactions. Imagine sitting at a restaurant with a group of people. Instead of trying to split up the bill, it will be possible to synchronize everyone’s cell phones and authenticate them with the restaurant’s credit card machine which will then debit each person’s stored credit card automatically. No more plastic. No more cash. Just a cell phone and some very cool technology.

A Norwegian reader writes in informing me that Telenor Mobil already has a mobile commerce platform implemented and in use. You can currently do such things as buy movie tickets and use vending machines with your cell phone acting as the commerce transaction layer.

Another reader wrote in and pointed me towards Sonera’s Mobile Pay, which is partnered with Nokia.

The Algebra of Infinite Justice “The trouble is that once America goes off to war, it can’t very well return without having fought one.” [via Madman]

Boy, do I get some weird email sometimes. This one includes an attached picture of pig’s feet?

Leave God Out of It. “We should beware Dubya’s Bible-thumping. When a US President invokes God, he has something to hide. Bad religion hides dirty politics.”

AP on Weblogs: “People are smart enough to realize that not everything they read on the Internet is true.

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