Adaptive User Interface …

Adaptive User Interface links:

The Computer-Aided Discovery of Scientific Knowledge

From 1994: Development of an Accessible Text-Based User Interface for People Who are Blind

The Moose: A Haptic User Interface for Blind Persons

The Open Agent Architecture (OAA) is A framework for integrating a community of heterogeneous software agents in a distributed environment.

Cognetics: On Beyond Help: User Assistance and the User Interface

User Interface design links for PDAs and cell phones:

The Real History of the GUI

Robert X. Cringely: How Microsoft Is Using Its Own Legal Defeat to Hurt Java

Users seek Web services clarity. “Several developing standards will make Web services possible. These four are the foundation.”

Web Services: The Next Generation of Distributed Computing and Market Roundup

InfoWorld: Developers must focus on linking Web services to boost Net collaboration

Leigh Dodds is blogging the XML-DEV mailing list. Awesome!

When Larry Met Sergey, a great interview with Google’s co-founders. Yesterday I saw an episode of “To Tell the Truth” where Sergey was a guest profile. Looks like Google’s PR machine may finally be getting started…

To the moon, Alice! To the moon!

Serial Killer Profile Quiz. (I scored a 9, phwew…)

Whim & Vinegar: Web Pages That Suck, Indeed

Web Intersections is similar to MIT’s Blogdex directory.

Take an IQ test. (I scored a 136, and I totally guessed at a few of the questions.)

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