Linux on the iBook2. …

Linux on the iBook2. Read his Thoughts essay. Excellent… [via Axodys]

Yet another reason to be disgusted at Microsoft.

Washington Post: Nukes: A Lesson From Russia. Fascinating article about flawed Microsoft software that has caused inconsistencies in the accounting of nuclear arsenals. Whoah. Interview: Samuel Delany Talks About Dhalgren. Dhalgren is still one of the best post-apocolyptic sci-fi novels I have ever read. I’m pleased to see this book back in print after being so hard to find for so long. I spent lots of time between 1993 and 1996 scouring used bookstores for a copy and finally found one in a used bookstore on South Street in Philadelphia. Highly recommended.

What is a noomeejahoor?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 12, 2001 08:34 PM

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