Note: Taking a few …

Note: Taking a few days off. Updates will resume when I get caught up.

Wired News: Mono, Opening Up .NET to Everyone [via Openwire]

Craig Burton: Redirection and Beyond. “I was embarassed by the Free and Open Source Communities’ invitation to Microsoft to “join them.” This is silly gentlemen. Embrace Microsoft through redirection, they will hate you all the way to the bank.”

Ximian Announces Open Source Initiative to Develop a Linux Platform for .NET

O’ReillyNet: GNOME’s Miguel de Icaza on .NET

WebZine NYC2001 is on Saturday, July 21. See you there.

Late last week while walking down 7th Avenue in Brooklyn I noticed a lot of red-and-white stickers plastered all over manhole covers and sewer drains. They looked very official. Only upon closer inspection do you realize that they say ‘Spraying for Sewer Lizards’ and feature a URL: Rudimentary research shows that the domain name is registered to the Sci-Fi Channel. Apparently, it’s some kind of promotion for a new series called The Chronicle. Update: readers have reported that these stickers and flyers are all over the Upper West Side as well.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 9, 2001 01:13 PM

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