Back in New York, …

Back in New York, exhausted. Last night I had some wonderful homebrewed beer at Todd Fahrner’s apartment in San Francisco. I told Todd that I might show up with a couple of coworkers after dinner, and ended up with a full contingent of six people. Luckily, Todd had a fresh-brewed keg — plenty to go around. Such a gracious host, and an expert on CSS as well. The taxi ride back to Brisbane (where my hotel/office is located) was completely fascinating. Our driver was an old Welsh guy who called himself “Mountain Man Vick” and he looked the part too. An amazing storyteller with a Master’s degree in anthropology, Mountain Man Vick talked our ears off, telling us stories about getting stabbed and shot during the years he’s been a cab driver. He also handed us business cards and proclaimed he was a licensed tour guide. I can believe it. The guy was simply unreal. One of those experiences in a taxi that you never forget.

Breakfast this morning at Max’s Cafe in Burlingame with Elan. He’s doing well at Cooper Interaction Design and is very happy in California. We talked about SXSW — I’m not sure if I’m going this year. My career is so different now from what it was a year ago. I’m more interested these days in speaking at conferences rather than attending them.

Oh yeah. I ordered myself a Titanium Powerbook G4. It will replace my creaky-but-reliable Powerbook 1400c that has survived many trips stuffed into a standard shoulder bag. I was very close to buying a Sony Vaio, but Apple came through at the last minute, giving me the option to buy one really kick-ass, light-weight, fast and sexy laptop. Geek lust. It’s all about geek lust.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 13, 2001 08:27 PM

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