InformationWeek: Microsoft’s IE 5.5 …

InformationWeek: Microsoft’s IE 5.5 Fails the Test.

On August 18, I’ll be running a session about designing skins for Mozilla during the Second Mozilla Developer Meeting at Netscape’s campus in Mountain View.

No wonder Microsoft products are always behind schedule. Heh.

So, my Koyaanisqatsi DVD arrived via FedEx today. I’m sadly disappointed. For $180, I expected that there at least would be a keepcase, and that the keepcase would be signed. Instead, I received a generic square white paper/plastic DVD sleeve signed on the back by the Director, Goddfrey Reggio. And to make matters worse, the DVD isn’t even a widescreen edition! While I’m ecstatic to finally own this wonderful movie on DVD, I’m very disappointed that the Institute For Regional Education couldn’t spend the extra buck or two to get nice plastic keepcases. I’m going to write them a letter to see if they’ll rectify this oversight.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 1, 2000 10:51 PM

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