Microsoft moving Hotmail to …

Microsoft moving Hotmail to Win2000 servers. I’ll bet this causes lots of problems. I just wish they’d automatically filter the spam…

This is not quite yet finalized, but WEBDC has my bio and class description up for next week’s conference in Washington D.C. [I’m filling in for another speaker who had to cancel.]

Ha ha, this is funny.

Also from comes the eCow generator for all the ASCII-based cow pictures you’ll ever need.

I must not be hanging around the right crowds anymore. I just now found Excellent writing, excellent links. And a Brit as well. Awesome.

Wes pointed me to Jon Udell’s excellent “Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration.” Wow.

Excellent. The W3 has issued a recommendation to make SVG a standard.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 2, 2000 04:09 PM

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