So the big news …

So the big news of the day is that I can finally start talking publicly about the
computer book I’m co-authoring. Regular readers will remember some veiled references to this project, but most don’t know that the book is about Mozilla and the publisher is O’Reilly. I’m really excited about the opportunity to write a book for O’Reilly, even though our timeline is incredibly tight. If we meet all of our deadlines, the book should be out by early Spring, 2001. I am one of four co-authors and am responsible for writing the chapters about user interface design in Mozilla-based applications and also a chapter about using XUL with CSS. I also will be contributing to a couple other chapters. All together, I’m responsible for about 100-125 pages of the book with the final book being about 400-500 pages long. My qualifications to write such a book are the work I’ve been doing on Alphanumerica’s skins/packages, and other Mozilla applications. We’re also doing some Mozilla work right now for an unnamed client that should be very big news in a short while.

What the hell? I’m getting emails from attendees of Thunder Lizard’s Web Design Conference in Seattle telling me that they got to my site from a “secret resources URL” they got at the conference. Does this seem silly to anyone else? A secret URL? Hmmm…. [Update: Secrets cannot be hidden from the almighty referrer data in my log files.]

A reader sent in some more Thunder Lizard “secret resource” page links:

Meerkat, PHP & XML: An Open Service Case Study and PHP-XML Survey

Slashdot: The Myth of the Borg

Don’t forget! This Friday is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Show your love.

Leonard over at has posted some pictures from the Open Source Conference last week. A bit of research turns up the fact that Leonard was just hired by Collab.Net. Hmmm, Leonard’s the second person I know in recent weeks that’s been hired by them. Leonard is also one of the guys who runs Interesting.

This pseudo-XML file is an excellent and funny example of the extensibility of the XML syntax. [found at Eatonweb]

It’s like fighting a damn uphill battle. I get at least three emails a week from people asking to link to their webcams because they think CamWorld is a web site about webcams. Jeez, are you people really that stupid? How hard is it to figure out that this site is called CamWorld because it’s created and maintained by a guy named Cam? Sigh…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 25, 2000 08:47 PM

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