Mini-Rant: There has been …

Mini-Rant: There has been a lot of recent attention paid lately to the dot-com company laoyoffs. Ignorant journalists are claiming this is the beginning of the end for the Internet economy and are predicting that we’ll all be out of jobs soon. I like to take a more realistic point of view and look at the current shakeout as simply a natural evolution of any new industry. The rampant growth of stupid dot-com businesses in 1998-1999 surely could not have continued, and failures like and are simply indicators of extremely bad management and laughable business plans. And I say, it’s about damn time. The companies in this industry that are doing the truly innovative work need to get past the glut of greedy VC-funded and incubator-born Internet industry businesses that are blocking the path to success. In 1998 and 1999 we saw literally hundreds of these companies blow through millions of dollars all in hopeless pursuit of making the biggest splash, becoming the next dot-com brand, and potentially cashing out in an overvalued IPO. So, while these really bad companies fall apart and the talent defects early and often, it’s time to start paying attention to the trenches because that’s where the future of computing and the future of the Internet lies. Not in the minds of Harvard business school graduates (with no management experience) at cheesy startups, but in the minds and hearts of the people who make the Internet happen.

Apple’s Lisa GUI Prototypes (from 1979-1983)

DVDTalk is sponsoring a petition to convince Buena Vista to release the Princess Mononoke DVD with the original Japanese language track with English subtitles. The current plans are to release it with only the English language track.

OK. Sometimes you’re the rabbit. Sometimes you’re the chicken.

Apparently, the Amiga is alive and well.

I have this poster on my cubicle wall at work. Apparently it’s worth $110. Hmmm….

Introduction to XHTML: Differences with HTML 4.0

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 8, 2000 05:42 PM